Monday, December 21, 2009

Optimus Stoves Leaky Optimus Primus And "Pepsi" Stoves?

Leaky Optimus Primus and "Pepsi" Stoves? - optimus stoves

Primus I have the blue box, with the filing of shiny metal.
I had not used since last year and also help before trying it on the track, I do. It burns hot and beautiful, and never stopped once during the week I was absent.
For the flight of the definitive recording I emptied the bottle and the remaining gas in the pipes feeding the kitchen - at least I thought.
While driving home I noticed a smell of white gas flowing through the vehicle. When I opened the oven, which was down more than a spoonful of fuel into the primary cup and bottom of the box.
The leak is easily cleaned on the hand.
I put the needle in any direction and change it and the backup, but still leaks until it is completely dry.
You do not have this problem last year.
All ideas, how can I solve this problem?
Otherwise, I can show my MacGyver and built a stove to Pepsi.
If you have any changes to the photon or drawings stove Hannah. I will not mentioned here.
But it would be nice if I can fix the Optimus.
BTW, II'm in the market for a Pocket Rocket or isopropane other burners, so it does not appear, please, premium brands in front of the stove.

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