Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wooden Swing Set Blueprints Online Need Tips And Info On Buying A Used Wooden Swing Set?

Need tips and info on buying a used wooden swing set? - wooden swing set blueprints online

I think buying a used wooden swing / play structure. I see a couple of Rainbow fire and cries. I wonder how it is once removed, transported and then assembled. If someone has done this before, I would like to know how it works for you. You do not want to lose money, even those that used to be, can be very expensive.


indianam... said...

We helped move a large wooden toys for our son's house and sold it to his new home. The children loved all worth a visit. Wood (three changes, 8-foot-sliding, six meters high, at the top, bars, etc.) The set is 6 years and the wood was in very good condition as it is. Look at the playground with great care and know what age, if possible.

It took 4 men 8 hours to remove the load on the truck bed long and reassemble the whole again. My husband drew a diagram of the playground and put the pieces back together was more effective. You need the holes for the arm to measure your garden space and mark to dig the ground to indicate where the legs are depending on where they before the court come to be placed.

Everything you can imagine that will do in advance to facilitate the work. Get help much, and be ready to run on the hardware, if you do not interrupt pins.

This move Playsets worth the time and effort. Good luck!

Max Schnell said...

take lots of pictures, all the labels before disassembly.

In addition, under the condition to see how he was kept and how to maintain the timber.

Master T said...

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Danny said...

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John S, BaC said...

Nice .........

The only thing I can think is:
1 - more money than I
2. I fear that this could in principle

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