Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Biggest White Shark Why Is The Great White Shark The Biggest?

Why is the great white shark the biggest? - the biggest white shark

Millions of years of evolution. The fossils of prehistoric sharks have white ancestors were shown larger and as the changes began when the world began to change, the existing species have been installed in the perfect size.

Killer whales are predators of the sea, which have sometimes known hunting of white sharks. As already mentioned, the whale shark and the basking shark is the largest species of the family, but to feed on plankton and small fish.

In short, the great white shark top predators and the largest shark, but at the top of the food chain, as the years of evolutionary change.

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Atheris ceratophora said...

and great white sharks are the largest predatory sharks in the world. Although the whale shark is much greater. Amendments to the largest GW, because the need to hunt large prey. when they were small and the seals were larger than the population of seals expolde. must be large enough to receive homostasias on the habitat sea. Play more, but is not good

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