Monday, January 18, 2010

Leg And Knee Pain More Condition_symptoms I Am Having Severe Right Leg Knee Pain?

I am having severe right leg knee pain? - leg and knee pain more condition_symptoms

I have a wound on his right knee and leg pain in the thigh when I sleep. I checked the X-rays, X-ray shows the bones of the knee and have no problems. Please help me


ozzietos... said...

You go ask a doctor for a second opinion, because X-rays show bone problems
go see a physiotherapist or a chiropractor to get another opinion, I doubt that many doctors are there to answer questions about Yahoo

virgoen_... said...

It is perhaps the thigh muscles to try curling your toes to your legs with her hand as if he has a sore hamstring on the back of the thigh, or perhaps uncomfortable sleeping with your knees bent when you play sports or running or gymnastics exercises in the leg can be very They often need to occur on a stool or chair, or sit all perhaps Convulsions shall freely in the thigh added to stop as the elastic of your underwear or latex pants thats blood flow, or perhaps a small broken bone in foot, ankle, or throw to the work to see if shes on a page
whatever, if you get no help creams arthitic you need to see a doctor
Take paracetamol tablets before bedtime
exrays appeared to be no problem with the bones and joints, but could be arthritis or joint pain
and it is a shelf to the attractiveness Glusosamine food that makes the joints more related to function without pain
My solidarity is with you, I HAVand experienced many times

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