Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vegetable Fuel Systems Does Anyone In The UK Use Vegetable Oil As Fuel In Their Diesel Car ?

Does anyone in the UK use vegetable oil as fuel in their diesel car ? - vegetable fuel systems

I read that diesel engines were designed to run on peanut oil and use their legal status, vegetable oils, during) the payment of taxes (theres a form you can download. Yourself wondering if someone can not run, and the car.


phglink said...

This can be done to seek a rule about 80% to 20% of diesel, it must be to crack a complicated process, but you can get a kit, then you have to pay a very special person, if it loads better milews Punishment Otherwise, the warmth, with a head of road transport, many use their own fuel

Ernie F said...

The first diesel engine ran on coal dust, crushed peanut and it will not run on vegetable oil and not only tell the IRS if the SOB that runs all of us much after all

bty54504 said...

Yes I have heard, but the people who absolutely fried smell. I even heard the call of the police roadside air smells of potential convicts.

oh no,,,it's the kevsta said...

than one person on the street every day, I can say theres a lot of people using it, cos it feels a little bit, and the warm weather with open windows, which in reality is the smell

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