Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weak Bladder Premature Ejaculation Is There Any Connection Between A Weak Bladder And Premature Ejaculation?

Is there any connection between a weak bladder and premature ejaculation? - weak bladder premature ejaculation

For several months I think I should empty my bladder often. I also think that I finished very quickly (2-3 minutes). I am 34 years old. I take no medications and had never seen a doctor for every problem. I do not believe that a diet or stress problem. You think I'm going to have an enlarged prostate? If so, is in some way with the European Parliament? Thank you for reading. I would be glad what you think.


nzbjmom said...

I do not think either prostate (although it may be). It looks more like a weak sphincter (the muscle that tightens to stop the urine. The next time you urinate, try stopping the flow, so that you can understand that the muscle and then several times during the day when muscle compression (even if you do not) when urinating, which will grow stronger. This muscle is the same muscle that is used to ejaculate, so if it is weak, it makes sense to have two problems. If no improvement or go even worse, to the best doctor, a urologist.

Ken H said...

I think they are too young to have an enlarged prostate and related issues. More than easily have to be a bladder infection seems to be the cause of their problems. Your PD is better to have a urologist. In any case, have problems with the prostate, early on makes me want to seek urgent attention. Hestiate I call your doctor. Some fluids and stress more often then you can urinate normally do.

Pogo peeps said...

In any case, you should consult a doctor if you are) a bladder infection (urinary urgency, it must be able to have antibiotics. You do not want to disable if you have a prostate problem may have - be serious! You do not know whether it is associated with PE.

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