Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pictures Of Thrush In Horses Horse Thrush - Pictures?

Horse Thrush - pictures? - pictures of thrush in horses

Hello guys!
My farrier said my horse has a case of Benin throttle and said I should use Koppertox. I went and tried to thrust buster for the location Greenhawk can ask, because you have less than every day.
Now, I wonder if anyone has any pictures to be used before and after candidiasis and where the Thrushbuster.
Besides, how many times per week should your application?
There is no discharge date.
Any advice would be very grateful, because this is my first horse and I need to learn a lot!
Thank you:)

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dressage artist said...

1) You have conflicting things here. Opinion blacksmith and owner of the store. The best thing to do if you care for your horse really goes with what he said, the blacksmith who specializes in regard to the foot of the horse, etc. The owner has the knowledge into products, not have their own horse. If you are not sure yet, its best to get your thoughts equestrian veterinarian. I can not give specific advice about this and I've never personally used for my horses.
If you have any questions, please ask
I hope this helps:)

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