Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Athletes Foot Pictures And Color Girls-question About Eyes On A Guy?

Girls-question about eyes on a guy? - athletes foot pictures and color

I've always wondered about my eyes. I like and think they are a good part of the mine. But after not really masculine look, in my opinion. They are bright, crystal blue electric light. Make eye blue Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima. These are my eyes. It is the image of female perfection, and I am 6 feet high, was removed and play lacrosse. I've often thought that the blue eyes seemed to see less of the other children to "hard" if my eyes are brown or black or even a darker blue (I have never seen a sight like I was in a different type.) Girls Only . There is another way of saying that I have beautiful eyes. And honestly, that belong to a hot girl. Not that I'm happy in my eyes:) It's just that sometimes Ibelieve that women's eyes and it seems much less difficult than I really am. And studies have shown that people unconsciously associate light blue with peace and nonviolence, which is something I really a man or as a sportsman. Ladies, what are your thoughts on the eyes at a man like me?

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