Friday, February 5, 2010

Hdd Recorder Transfer Another Drive Sony RDR-HXD995 250GB HDD DVD Recorder - Please Help?

Sony RDR-HXD995 250GB HDD DVD Recorder - Please Help? - hdd recorder transfer another drive

I've been thinking about getting this DVD burner for a while, but I have some questions:

1) Would it be able to record one channel and watch another (my HDTV has a built-in DVB-T, if it helps)?

2 I) to be able to rewind live TV had (I saw that the recording starts when a new channel, you can go back to go)?

3 I), a video player from Samsung have, I recommend this DVD recorder and transfer home movies on the VCR to the hard disk?

4) I satellite (Hotbird) was connected to my TV, would you be able to save?

5) I have a Sony HDV Camcorder HDR-HC5E would be able to connect to the DVD recorder and transfer Mini DV tape to disk (via HDMI or other means to obtain the best quality)?

6) And finally (so far) would be able to transfer what on the hard disk to an external hard drive via USB?

Thanks in advance

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Twisted_... said...

1) Yes, I have a similar setup and can not do that.

2) Yes

3) Yes, that's exactly what I did when I bought my Sony RDR-HXD510. Then, all recorded on DVD-R.

4) Yes, the Sony satellite input for recording.

5) Yes, should any information in the user manual.

6) My '510 has a USB port, so I can not answer this question. Sorry.

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