Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Finish Concrete Bathtub How To Finish Concrete Basement?

How to finish concrete basement? - how to finish concrete bathtub

I bought a house and the basement is a large concrete person is trying to undermine the actual color and any advice on a solution or a good color to use


nikki said...

Will finish the basement? Want a great project, which will undoubtedly increase the value of your home or a panacea?

What do you want to use your basement space?

There are several things to note if you decide on something like a basement approach to ... can lead to a wider range of life if done properly, or it can be used for storage, if you prefer.

If you want to paint it, I would be in the garage painting is sold. It will be sustainable, and I think that with more colors and more.

If this is not unventilated float the boat, I sand, where the paint peeling, oil quality must be the primary basis (breathing apparatus in the lot at the basement) and a base oil paInt.

Ask your local hard disk, Lowes or hardware store (the color of course, sold), good suggestions.

Good luck

timmy said...

They make paint specifically for concrete and masonry. I have one or two layers of primer as well. I have the 100 years ago in the basement of my old 3-4 years and it worked great!

I bought a product Rustoleum for flooring for the basement, or make sure you get a color for concrete.

I hired a painter to spray the walls and painting cost me about $ 350-400, which is thicker because of the color in the basement and a little more difficult to work seemed to be reasonable.

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