Sunday, February 14, 2010

Calculate Air Conditioner Meters Btu -feet How Does We Calculate Tonnage Of Air Conditioner? How Electrical Power Required Would Be Claculated For An AC?

How does we calculate tonnage of Air conditioner? How electrical power required would be claculated for an AC? - calculate air conditioner meters btu -feet

The capacity of air conditioning (tonnage or BTU per hour) for the cooling of a space depends on the desired temperature in a small room outside the maximum temperature of the surface of the enclosed space and the effectiveness of the insulation. The effectiveness of the isolation of identified needs for all types of surfaces such as walls, windows, roof, like the surface is in the sun and shadows are taken into account. Here is a worksheet that allows you to complete all measures and the development of information and calculations: ...

To the average consumption of electricity to be calculated with W = BTU per hour / RES. The SEER is the efficiency coefficient of the season. According to the law of the United States, as a central air conditioningmust be at least 13th SEER, should be 10 for a window unit.

The wiring must be based on the maximum indicated on the device and not the average consumer.

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