Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice Upset Stomach When In India. How Do You Avoid Getting A Stomach Upset. Apart From Avoiding Tap Water, Ice And Salads Etc.?

When in India. How do you avoid getting a stomach upset. Apart from avoiding tap water, ice and salads etc.? - ice upset stomach

Rub your hands with alcohol. Use it all the time. Travel Ideal for all foreigners. Oh, and maintaining good standards of hygiene during the journey. Be prepared - is more likely. Take advantage of rehydration solution, a cup of appropriate size for the rehydration solution and Imodium. Use baby wipes with you - much better to wipe your ass that the roughness of toilet paper begins to itch after his seventh visit to the bathroom.

Remember to use bottled water to brush their teeth.

Eating in restaurants - do not buy anything dubious from the street.

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