Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frequence Chanel De Sport Sur Nelsat Satellite Help!?

Satellite help!? - frequence chanel de sport sur nelsat

You see, I must Chanell find the satellites. They do not, every website, where I get satellite providers could see, and the frequency of satellite Trasporder Chanel?
Plz help.
Ps no rude comments
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jorgeqba said...

The list of informative is provided by Lyngsat available.


Select your region, Asia, Europe, Atlantic in America, or you can by free TV in some countries, enabling them to specific channels.

You can also search for available channels in subscription packages.

Lyngsat is the best place worlwide for satellite information.

RICH said...

Well, it's easier, what "channel", which tries to ask .. It is an information site ..?

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