Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brazilians At Fsu Does The English Team Need Structure, I Mean Look At The Brazilians Of Old?

Does the English team need structure, I mean look at the Brazilians of old? - brazilians at fsu

Oh, Brazilians, you know? Circa 1970? He broke the mold. Window Theory. The free expression of football. Uncategorized. Is that a word? Now! You know? Far away from young children in the park, jumpers for the contributions. Goalkeeper Rush. Two in the back, three in the middle, four, before we go home for tea. Beans on toast? Maybe not quote me on this. Wonderful.


Preaetor... said...

England are not the Brazilians, by all means. England has is the ability of Brazilians to why the structure of the need for England and robustness. England does not have many great talents in recent years, his fall this year.

shane_sh... said...

I do not know how toast and beans England needs a manager who is an excellent tactile sensitivity and knows that each player is better, and played Rooney in front of his own? Bentley is not gettin his game right? I think that Capello wants to play Rooney on his own clock and then as a striker Rooney supportin and watch a match at Blackburn. and Carrick and Gerrard in midfield forget Barry.

Scott H said...

You try to compare the British one of the best teams of all time. To answer the original question, yes they need to find your system. Given the fact that his players the opportunity to play the star formation responsible Brazil 70 deficiency

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