Friday, February 12, 2010

Month Old With Watery Stool My 16 Month Old Has Yellow, Really Watery Stool. It Smells So Bad, It's Offensive..?

My 16 month old has yellow, really watery stool. It smells so bad, it's offensive..? - month old with watery stool

Dogs personalized approach him again. He does not act like he is sick until he falls asleep, then it is a constant concern. (even during sleep)

Before yesterday he was sick he did not know anything. I could not shake because it was too hot, and I made him hotter. Fever (102-103) is just put your baby in a glider, gliding back and forth.

He has just started yesterday with a yellow diarrhea. I'm not even kidding, you can feel in her the disease. It's really bad.

He wonders whether it is a bug that goes around, or it sounds take a little more seriously? Thank you ~


Ethel said...

It's just not so sure that is hydrated with plenty of water and especially replacement of electrolytes such as Pedialyte or Gatorade. Yup you can feel that it is not only because it is not, and your body by the lining of the gut going to delete the mistake. If everything seems lethargic, have sunken eyes, stop urinating or urine is dark, to take him to see a doctor.

Laredo said...

What kind of mother are you? "A high fever can cause brain damage to your baby.

Please take him to the doctor will soon be able to attend his funeral. Neglect of children does not include adequate medical care for her sick child ... and is abandoned. A sick child is very serious. Get off the effin 'computer and take the child to the doctor.

♥ Hurley is 10 months old ♥ said...

I do not know where you live, but I was so sick to my stomach for a few days. Ugh. I thought I ate a salmon, but now I think is a mistake because the doctor said he wanted to be.

Brian said...

Poo sniffer

Shannon said...

You should take them to doctors, until safe.He allergic reactions to something and not even know!

Little Miss Sunshine. :) said...

wow. You really need to take him to the doctor. I hope you feel better. :) Give him a hug for me. :)

Alicia D said...

This was done exactly to my son when he started teething problems and will continue every time a new tooth begins to occur to emerge. Have you noticed a little swollen gums or even a little redder than usual? Have all their teeth came? If they then perhaps you should try to take to the doctor. The chair of my son was exactly the same manner described him, and he was sick and could not keep it down. I took him to the doctor and all he could recommend was to prevent fluids and baths for your temperature. If the fever remains at 103, and finally leads him to his pediatrician to see. Otherwise, I am convinced that it is likely that the teeth. Try make some baby Orajel on gums this way you can sleep better. Good luck!

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